The 7 Year Itch for Something New

7 year itch legsPsychologists claim that couples reach a point of unrest and decline of happiness in their relationships after seven years of marriage, known as the ‘7 year itch.’  The term ‘7 year itch’ was also popularized in the famous movie of the same name starring Marilyn Monroe in 1955.  You know the one—with the iconic pose of Marilyn Monroe trying to hold down her dress as it billows upward while standing on a NYC subway grate.

At Celebrate Recovery on the Plateau, we are also experiencing that ‘7 year itch.’ We celebrated the anniversary of seven years of weekly recovery meetings last week with a special event. It all started in January 2009 by a dedicated group of men and women who knew the healing and transformative effect of working through the biblical recovery principles and 12 steps.  They were the faces and voices of hope here on Monday nights for many years.

During the last seven years, the leadership team here has taught over 175 lessons with almost as many life changing testimonies shared as part of our ongoing program.  We are entering into our next year of meetings and programming with a new vigor and passion for recovery and the hope that is experienced here every week.  We are embracing the New Year and excited to scratch our 7-year itch by bringing in new faces to our program, updating our visual presentations, and adding some new teaching resources into the weekly mix.  And after a year of blogging through the 12 Steps, we also have a great archive of almost 50 posts!

I’m not one to argue with psychologists over things of this nature.  What I do know is that no matter what the ‘itch’ may be, we have choices on whether we act on it or not.  Unfortunately for some of us, the urges, or addictions, are so strong, we believe we can’t stop.  I believe that without the help of our Higher Power, Jesus Christ, we often can’t stop.

That is where Christ-centered recovery comes in, like Celebrate Recovery. If you live locally, we invite you to join us on Monday nights to start 2015 with a new perspective and hope for the future.  We are restarting the teaching cycle of the 12 step lessons.  However, newcomers are welcome to attend and start the program at any time.  (Other CR programs are often restarting the 12-step lesson cycle at this time of year, and can be found in the U.S. and internationally at the CR group finder site.)

While most people have already abandoned their New Year’s resolutions for 2015 by now, we at CR are standing firm in our resolve and our faith to let Christ do the healing work we need this year.  That’s because CR is all about change—doing things differently—and not doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.  It’s about life transformation, and it’s not just for ‘those’ people.  CR is for everyone with a hurt, habit, or hang-up.  And we all have them.

As the 7-year itch definition reminds us, passing that milestone is definitely something to celebrate and hunker down for the long haul ahead.  We are ready at Celebrate Recovery on the Plateau to brave the storms ahead with Jesus as our Higher Power.  We are embracing the change with excitement and hope for the year ahead.

I’ve included a slideshow below to give you a feel for what it was like at our 7th anniversary event, and what to expect in the New Year at CR on the Plateau.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We look forward to journeying with you on Monday nights or online by following our blog.  May 2015 be the best year yet for you and your family as you step into healing and restoration with Christ as your Higher Power.

Contributed by a leader at Celebrate Recovery on the Plateau.

Celebrate Recovery on the Plateau is a Christ-centered recovery program designed to help people with their hurts, habits and hang-ups. We are a ministry of Pine Lake Covenant Church, Sammamish, WA.

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2 comments on “The 7 Year Itch for Something New
  1. Sharon Anderson says:

    Great article about a life-changing ministry. So blessed to be connected with this group.

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